Gary Siegel, CPT

Gary began this crusade as a young man who as a child himself battled with weight loss issues through high school. He currently speaks and works with Pre and Post Gastric Bypass recipients, as well as patients who are recovering from strokes.

Owner of Fitness Matters Gym, Gary Siegel is all too familiar with what it's like to be the kid who is too overweight to participate in certain activities. That is why he has been on his healthy mission for the last 30 plus years. He has been involved with kids and adult sports for most of those years. He coached kids in soccer and T-ball, as well as coaching adult softball and running clubs. He has been a personal fitness trainer to adults and children for over 20 years. He is certified through ACE and continues his education on a monthly basis. Gary is affiliated with several physicians in the area. Endocrinologists, Nutritionists and Vascular Surgeons, who regularly refer patients to him. He is passionate about helping them with their battle with Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Disease. As well as those who are recovering from various types of surgery.

He continues on his mission to keep people healthy and strong in order to extend their life expectancy by being fit and in shape. His passion is seen by all of his clients and his ability to retain clients for periods up to ten years speaks for itself.

Vickie Franks, CPT

Vickie comes to us with an athletic background as a former aerobics instructor. Her ability to be flexible and her own vigorous work-out routine helped her achieve a spot as a former Redskin cheerleader. She is a true believer in keeping fit and what a healthy lifestyle means for longevity in life. She keeps her clients motivated with a strong punch and a fun personality. Vickie hopes that people will change their old habits for new healthy lifestyles.

Joe Siegel, CPT

Joe Siegel is the next generation of Fitness Matters Gym. Joe attended Anne Arundel Community College where he studied for his Personal Training Certification. He too is familiar with being overweight as a child and what it is like to not have the self esteem needed to participate in many activities as a teenager. He has lost over 65 pounds and maintains a daily routine of a healthy diet and exercise program. He is very focused on helping his clients learn proper eating habits with small permanent changes.

Joe is viewed by many of his clients as a personable dedicated trainer. He continues his education and training through the American Council on Exercise which is a nationally known company that keeps trainers up on all of the latest news and findings in the industry.

Ashley Melis

Ashley Melis is a sophomore criminal justice student at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Her enthusiasm about fitness started from her love of soccer, a sport she has played since elementary school. In 2013 she got into weightlifting and cardio in order to create a healthier lifestyle for herself. After losing over 40 pounds, she decided she wanted to help others maintain healthier lifestyles for themselves as well, and she became a certified personal trainer in 2015.